30 November 2014
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Let’s face it, the job of a first responder is not easy.  You are not likely to find an incentive bonus for making a save and simply reporting to work is just not enough.  You are expected to know everything and do it within seconds simply because a life may depend on it.  You are told to never stop learning and always be a student of the job.  Every year we lose first responders to untimely death, retirement, and in some situations they just walk away.  Many of those lost are the leaders that take with them the knowledge that you or I may never have the fortunate ability to learn.  Our superior officers have seen more and experienced things that we may never have the opportunity or want to experience.  What should never be lost is that when one of our own is struggling and in need of assistance we stand together and fix the problem.  The brotherhood has no flaws when it comes to supporting our own.  Always remember that you have the ability to pass something on to a brother or sister that may not have your knowledge and experience.  Always take the extra step to pay it forward.  You may be in a position of need someday and should never be the one who turns your back.  Who cares what you think of a brother and sister first responder as a person, does that matter?  The only thing that matters is they have your back and you have theirs.  If you don’t understand that then it may be time to find a new profession.

Today our brothers from the Keystone Coyotes Hockey Team and the Atlantic City Guns and Hoses Hockey Team stood side by side to help a brother in need.  Not because it was required, but because they wanted to.  Plain and simple.  Get it?




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