Keystone Coyotes Lose a Tough Game

16 October 2014
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On October 12th the Keystone Coyotes played the Camden County Warriors in a battle of first responders.  The game started off with the Warriors winning the battles along the boards as well as leading the shots on net battle.  As the game progressed tempers flared a bit and the teams had a brief skirmish in front of the Warriors goal tender.  Both teams exchanged heated words and fought hard in puck battles during the entire game, but at the end of the day we are all first responders and share a common bond.  The Coyotes appreciated the competition and learned a bit about some potential weaknesses.  Hockey is a tough and rough sport, but having the opportunity to bond as a team and face adversity on the ice can be a welcome escape from on the job issues.  The Coyotes are willing to play any competitor and will only grow stronger as a team as we move forward.  The key to our team is the fact that we are a charity team that raises money to support our brothers and sisters.  The final score was Camden County Warriors 5 and Keystone Coyotes 2.

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