Luke and Brayden Schenn Support Firefighters

16 October 2014
Charity News
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Luke and Brayden Schenn are a big part of All Hands Working.  When you have a conversation with these guys you would have no idea they played a professional sport for a living.  Sitting in the locker room having a conversation with them is strikingly similar to sitting on the front bumper of an apparatus.  Why are these guys so comfortable supporting firefighters?  The answer is actually quite simple, their dad is a firefighter.  Jeff Schenn is on the job back in Saskatoon, CA.  On Wednesday All Hands Working staff sat with Luke and Brayden to discuss the future of the charity and upcoming events.  This conversation may have taken place in an NHL locker room, but the atmosphere was like table top training in the firehouse.  We appreciate the fact that Luke and Brayden have committed themselves to All Hands Working and look forward to supporting as many firefighters as possible.  10703730_10204483709953900_3075828936397664161_n 1959314_10204483709993901_812782005715164741_n

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