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14 September 2015

Teamwork and Brotherhood

Join us for the launch of a partnership between two non profits that share a common goal.  Help us raise funds to reduce 1st responder injuries and LODD’s.  Meet and greet with members of the Philadelphia Flyers, Luke and Brayden Schenn, Philadelphia Flyers Head Trainer, Jimmy McCrossin ATC,CSCS,CES,PES and Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Eagles Physician, [...]

Request for Articles!

The All Hands Working Charity has begun the process of seeking article submissions for our magazine, Beyond the Fire.  The content of our magazine  is switching to a 1st Responder online/print magazine that will be published quarterly and will be available to be mailed to you as well as printed for every All Hands Working [...]

30 November 2014


Let’s face it, the job of a first responder is not easy.  You are not likely to find an incentive bonus for making a save and simply reporting to work is just not enough.  You are expected to know everything and do it within seconds simply because a life may depend on it.  You are [...]

2 November 2014
Charity News


What does the word “Brotherhood” mean to you as a firefighter?  Do you think that the term is loosely used and the meaning has lost a bit of the power it once possessed?   I joined the fire service as a volunteer in 1996 during a period of time when the department I served was [...]

Ebola and the Firefighter: All Hands Working Announces PPE Grant

So you decided to be a firefighter.  You went through countless hours of training to be a volunteer or you graduated from an academy to become a career firefighter.  You are now Superman and Superwoman and you can defeat any enemy or obstacle that comes your way!  You have been trained for countless hours on [...]

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