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Our mission is to reduce the number of line of duty deaths and injuries directly related to 1st Responder health and wellness.

All Hands Working exists to reverse the statistics of 1st responders death, injuries and well being just by doing their job. The injuries 1st responders are suffering and the line of duty deaths that occur are overwhelmingly related to health and wellness. All Hands Working strives to provide the training and resources to prevent line of duty deaths and injuries. First Responders are athletes and they need to be educated on health and wellness in the same way that an athlete would be trained to perform at a high level. Athletes train year round to play a sport that takes place at a predetermined time. First Responders do not have the luxury of knowing when the game will take place but the amount of energy and stress placed on the body shares a direct correlation.

  • Provide Grants in the areas of fitness, survival training, and health and wellness programs.
  • Bridge the gap between sports science and the 1st Responders.
  • Reduce the number of injuries and deaths related to health and wellness
  • Initiate a health and wellness platform that provides interactive training and wellness tips
  • Provide nutrition education and healthy lifestyle programs
Grant Applications
  • Captain Chris “Goody” Good Fitness Grant
  • Survival Training Grant
  • Health and Wellness Program Grant

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