23 Sep

Tankless VS Tank Water Heater- Which one to Choose?

There has been quite a blaze among customers who want to stay with the traditionally tank water heater versus the new tankless models. But due to a lot of promotions, advertising and hard on marketing, almost everyone seem convinced that the tankless water models are the better choice these days. But are they? Are we headed for a day when tank water heaters might go out of stock due to obsoleteness?

Well, the new tankless water heaters have come with a range of riveting benefits, but they are still not the obvious choice for millions buyers at the moment. Yes, they are durable, they heat water directly without wasting energy on standby mode, they are small and have numerous digital features; but the main factor here should always be what you want. To help you make a better and more informed choice between these two groups of water heaters, let’s look at the features and functions that distinguish each of them.

Tankless Water Heaters VS tank water heaters

tankless vs tank water heater

  • A tankless water heater works by heating water on demand rather than store it in a tank. They are mainly powered by Propane, natural gas or normal gasoline and will avail water to your faucets, showers and dishwashers whenever you need it.
  • Tank Water heaters- Tank water heaters preheat water and store in a tank to be used whenever you need it. Tank water heaters come with different sized tanks, but the average models have between 40 Gallons and 80 gallons of water tanks. Tank water heaters are generally big in size and immediately refills and reheats water once they get depleted.

Basically, the biggest difference between the two types of water heaters mentioned above is that the one holds preheated water in a tank while the other heats water directly as it flows. So, which one is more efficient?

  1. Efficiency – Quite frankly, it all depends on which angle you view these two types of tanks. When it comes to saving energy bills, the tankless models will always win. The tank water heaters waste a lot of heat while on standby mode, something that is impossible with the tankless devices. In fact, studies show that that the tankless models save about $100 on energy bills every year.  However, it is important to understand that these two types of water heaters apply the law of physics, which can never change whether there is a tank or not. This is to say that there are certain conditions that would make a tank water heater more efficient than the tankless models; like during the winter and underground conditions are way too cold for your tankless device to handle. Still, a tank water heater seems to be more economical for a solo staying person than a tankless device.
  2. Initial Cost – Here is another factor that can greatly affect your choice for a water heater. At as present, tank water heaters are still the more affordable choice for many low budget people. The tankless models though widely promoted and availed to local stores, costs more than tank models with almost similar capabilities. Fortunately, the trend seems to be getting better. Today there are many tankless devices for under $1000, which are really capable of handling average homes.
  3. Ease of Installation and Maintenance – Except for the retrofitting costs, the costs of installing a tankless water heater are generally down these days, but this could still hurt your budget when you add the costs of remodeling your electrical wiring system. But if you are really into this new line of water heaters, at least make sure they are compatible with your gas line supply measurements.
  4. Old versus New Technology – The tankless water heaters built nine years ago are different from what you see in the market today. Today’s’ models are more powerful, more efficient and come with lesser flaws. Their smart control panel features and ease of installation an also be heralded as what many people desire these days. Unfortunately there are little additions to the type of tank water heaters introduced twenty years ago. They still have the same energy wasting flaws, less durability and hard water buildup problems.

Should you Switch to the Tankless water Heaters?

the difference between tankless and tank water heaters

The biggest risk factor to buying the tankless water heaters is that they are still new in the market. If you listen carefully, you will hear people complain of feeling neglected by the manufacturers, a lack of spare parts, re-servicing places or poor customer support. But when you look on the bright side of tankless devices, the only thing that should stop you from buying a good tankless water heater is your budget. But still, do a lot more research about the model of water heater and the manufacturer’s brand before paying for a device. For detailed tankless water heater reviews and comparisons check out this site tanklesswaterheaterhub.com.

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