23 Sep

Why I Love my Portable Ice Maker? Its Advantages

One of my part time jobs involves organizing parties. I do birthdays; I organize cookout events, backyard parties, fundraiser events, church events, reunions and even baby showers. In other words, my life involves a lot of drinking, and mostly drinking cold beers and water.  So, how do I ensure I never run out of cold drinks for my friends, guests and for myself?

benefits of a portable ice makerI have a portable New Air AI-100R portable ice maker, and it is by all means a beast of an ice maker. It is excellently compact, light and can produce about 28 pounds of ice per day. This portable ice maker is certainly the best among the three Ice makers I ever owned. There is no day that passes by without me using it, and still it hasn’t tarnished or reduced its performance for the few months I have been using it.

The reason why I love this ice maker so much is that I actually never thought portable ice makers were any good. I used to think portable ice makers were meant for lonely single men and women who liked drinking. But how wrong I was, noting that even though I was only looking for a simple easy to clean, and light device I got what only few other ice makers can provide but in bigger portions. But since am not trying to advertiser my Ice maker, let me begin by sharing to you what I really expected from an ideal ice maker, what I actually got.

  • I wanted a light but highly efficient device – Probably like you, I wanted a portable ice maker I could travel with to the beaches during the summer. I also wanted a portable device because my freezer is often full of other things, and therefore I can’t use it to make enough ice for a few friends. I shopped around in many online stores; there were very many impressive machines. In the end I chose the New Air 100R, and it was really impressive
  • Efficiency – I really wanted a device that could make ice in great amounts because of the nature of my part time job. I wanted an ice maker that could make between 15 and 20 pounds of ice a day, and that’s what I went for.
  • A device with a freezer like compartment – Yes I did make a lot of ice in a day, but it had to be stored somewhere? I hate carrying a cooler around and that’s why I really wanted an ice maker with a storage compartment.
  • Compact and good looking – I wanted something I could easily carry around. Ina addition, my ideal device had to be good looking, on both the insides and on its exteriors. The New Air among other few models are actually really attractive, and you could easily carry them almost anywhere and don’t feel embarrassed at all.
  • Smart Features – I thought it was really important if I could control and watch as ice was being made by my ideal ice maker. I really didn’t get exactly that, but the device does have some attractive smart features.

Benefits of a Good Portable Ice Maker

who would benefit from a portable ice maker

  • They are Cost EfficientWith a portable ice maker, there is never any need to rush to a gas station to buy ice anymore. Within minutes you are able to serve all your guests without having to spend a lot. They all mostly affordable in any case, and some could store more than a kilo of ice at a go.
  • They require Little or no MaintenanceYou don’t need a drainage system with a good portable ice maker. Once ice melts you can easily place it back into the device and have it frozen within minutes. But if you still want a device with a drainage system, you can always get one but be prepared to clean it regularly for efficiency purposes.
  • They are easy to carry and User FriendlyMost portable ice makers have got only one or two buttons. Once you place your ice tray inside there, you just have to put it on and off you go. Their mechanisms are simple, just as they are easy to carry around. One feature I like about my ice maker and really think should be present in all portable nice makers is an LED light to inform you when you need to refill the device. With this feature, any person who enjoys partying with cold drinks will always have a good time with their device.

Finally, most portable ice makers are well designed, they are energy conserving and very durable. They almost have the durability of any other high quality modern kitchen appliance. So, if you want to solve all your ice needs in your house, just buy one of these portable devices.

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