23 Sep

How to Install a Garage Door Opener?

On average it costs less than $500 to buy and install a garage door opener. Actually, the only people who spend more than $300 on Garage door openers are people who call professionals to install the garage door openers for them. However, garage door opener installation cost can be quite high. But if you are a handy guy, you could actually install this new device in very few steps. But before then, here are some basics tools you will require:

  • Wrench
  • Hacksaw
  • Pliers
  • Screw Driver
  • Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Level Wire stripper

how to install a garage door opener

What else will you need?

The Door Opener– Before everything else, you need the right type of garage door opener for your garage. A good device should costs in between $100 and $350. The big cost difference comes in the type of technology used to make the opener. Screw driver type of garage openers for instance cost less than $250, and they often are less noisy than the chain drive types. On the other hand, the most expensive types of door openers are the belt drive makes, because they are more powerful and produce little noise.

But before you start…

Understand your Device’s Features

A garage door opener isn’t something you want to change every now and then. It’s not one of those easy home improvement ideas. It actually takes about five to six hours for a single installation process, which is why it is just important to be sure you have the device you expected. For starters, buy a device with reverse directional safety. Most good openers are supposed to automatically open the garage door on sensing motion. In addition, checkout for an emergency battery power which could serve during a power blackout.

But most importantly, make sure your device has enough horsepower to lift the type of doors you have. If you have a double garage door for instance, don’t go for a device with less than ½ hp.  And if your doors also have a wooden overlay, go for a stronger opener, probably one with a horsepower of ¾ or more. Note however that you don’t really need to buy a stronger opener if you have a single door garage. It will cost more but offer similar services.

Additional Features

  • Check out for lighting functions– A good door opener should have a security lighting feature that goes on when you open the door and goes off after it gets closed.
  • Must have a remote control function– In this day and age, a good door garage opener must be controllable by a remote function. However, your remote controlled door opener should also be programmed with top notch technology if it is to function efficiently without affecting your neighbor’s garage door system.

The Installation Process

garage door opener installation

Once you are sure you have the right door opener for your garage, start by doing the following.

  • Step 1: Check the Doors’ springs and Balance

    Sometimes the problem might be bigger than you expected. Your doors’ spring for instance could be broken, and thus the cause of loud noise in there. On the other hand, maybe the garage’s two doors aren’t balanced properly, which is why they open slowly.

  • Step 2: Position the Opener using a Ladder for easier Installation

    I bet by now you already have the manufacturer’s instruction book in your hands. You will need it right after positioning the door opener at your desired height. You will need lumber to position the opener accordingly, after which you can mount the rail to the header bracket as the manufacturer’s instructions indicate. Once the opener is in a good position, use your tape measure and level to determine how you should install it. Ensure the door stays open, which you can achieve if you lock it with the help of a clamp to keep it from closing.

  • Step 3:  Use strong Mounting Straps to hand the Iron Angle

    While most door openers come with a complete list of installation materials, their mounting straps are often weak and flimsy. You will need solid straps and a good iron angle if you want the door opener to last longer. You can find slotted angle iron in a hardware shop. Cut it into size with your hacksaw and attach it to the face of a one inch joist using a pair of lag screws. And to make your garage door opener stronger, hang it with a pair of more angle iron and tighten with nuts and bolts.

  • Step 4: Check the Door’s Opening Force

    Hoping that you didn’t reuse any garage door parts; open the door using a remote control. You may actually place something at the bottom of the door to put in some pressure. Any pressure on the door should make it not to open. But if it does open after adding pressure, tune and fine tune the opening and closing force, of course while referring to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Finally, install great light bulbs that are not affected by vibration, and try opening and closing your garage door again.

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