23 Sep

My Home Improvement Ideas – What I want to Change

Whether you are planning to sell your house in the next five years or you simply don’t like how it looks at the moment, there are several inexpensive home remodeling and upgrading tricks you can do and really feeling impressed. But if have a good budget to with and you want ideas to help completely do a makeover to some areas in your home, stick with me in the next few minutes as I share with you some great plans that could make your house really look good.

  1. Remodel your Kitchen and buy new Appliancesmy home improvement ideas

    The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of a home, and it is one of the most important considerations to many home buyers. If you often feel dull while in your kitchen, repaint its walls. Adding an extra layer of paint to your kitchen walls can actually make it look new again. Checkout your cabinets and see if there are any that requires repairing. And if you have enough cash you could actually call a kitchen upgrading company to do a whole cabinet makeover job for you. From my experience though, don’t really spend all your money remodeling your kitchen and neglect other areas. You will continue to feel depressed with the looks of your house.

    Now that your kitchen looks better on the walls and cabinets, think about changing the faucet set and other old kitchen appliances. Again, this will depend on the amount of cash you have budgeted for. However, even with a tight budget, you could replace the appliances that don’t match your kitchen’s theme. And since the world is all going green, think about replacing all the energy consuming appliances in your house.

  2. Enhance your floor’s Shine and Shed Light to your Walls

    making the floors shineThe presence of dirt, tough stains or too much moisture on your floor can make the tiles and wooden floors look dull and ugly. Calling a professional over to change some sections of your floor or to polish up the wooden floor can really boost your aesthetics. After all, your floor is as important as the furniture in your house. And besides the furniture, the presence of good lighting can be soothing and energizing. Change your chandelier for instance, replace your old curtains and remove any excessive wall art that often makes your home look gloomy.

  3. Remove any clutter in your home

    It is easy to forget to clear out the unnecessary items in your home even when they could be what make your house look unattractive. Straight from the entry way, let your guest have an impressive, welcoming first impression by not finding a whole bunch of cluttered items as they make their way in to your house. On the other hand, maximize your closet capacity by donating or finding a new place to store the extra items. I promise you will feel much more comfortable when your closets have got only the items you deem necessary near you. And the good thing about this exercise is that it costs absolutely zero amounts of cash. In addition, you can accessorize your entry way by adding some extra lighting, a letter box or vintage accessories.

  4. Add Filters to your Faucets and Backsplash to the walls and floors

    They say it is the little things that make a difference in your house, and a simple faucet filter could be one of them. It could cost $30 or less, but it can help clean your water and add great taste to it. Most faucets also trap and filter out more than 100 types of minerals that could be harmful to your health. A backsplash project on the other hand adds more than just aesthetics to your home. Beaded tile or wall backsplashes are easy to install after all, they are good at protecting the floors from hard stains and make the walls look newer for longer.

  5. Remodel Your Bathroom

    remodeling the bathroomThink about it for a moment, what do you hate about your bathroom? If it is the toilet seat, you better replace it now that you have the cash. Sometimes you may have a cool and fully functional toilet seat, but the surrounding in there could be depressing. Call a professional painter to do a great job for you, change the bathroom faucet to a modern attractive and durable tool that will make your showers enjoyable experience every time.

  6. Facelift Your Exteriors

    If you are like most people, you probably love the looks of your home’s exterior as you do with the new interiors. Repaint the walls if they appear dull, give an upgrade to your garage and gate, because everything in a home is worth a good investment. Finally, think about the security condition of your house, the CCTV cameras, the wall and everything else that matters in your house.

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