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Keystone Coyotes would like to officially announce our first organized game. We will be having a home game on September 27th, 2014 and will face off against the Philadelphia Fire Department and the Philadelphia Police Department. Please join us as we raise money for Autism Speaks, All Hands Working, and a local Fire Chief in need of assistance. Tickets are available at the link below. Please Share!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Suicide. They only have an impact on celebrities or famous people right? Military, Fire Service, Police, EMS, First Responders are immune to the impact of mental health disorders right? This website attached is a great resource if you need help.

All Hands Working exists to prevent line of duty deaths due to heart attacks, cardio vascular problems and to promote health and wellness. Behavioral Health is just as important! Be Aware and learn the signs.


Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance
Check out http://ffbha.org/! Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance, FBHA, Non-profit organization to promote Mental Health and Suicide Awareness in the Fire Service

Great Article and good read.


14 Leadership Lessons From A Recon Marine
Let no man call you a coward and let no man shoulder your burden. Victory often requires great sacrifice. Often times the sacrifice required may be your own. In times of great chaos, someone has to remain sane and do whatever it takes to push everyone in the right direction.

Do you have your tickets yet to join us on November 4th at the Wells Fargo Center? Hurry tickets are going fast. Luke and Brayden Schenn will be showing their support and meeting our guests either before or after the event. More details coming soon!

We are happy to have support from Luke and Brayden Schenn. Supporting Firefighters comes naturally to them as their father Jeff Schenn is on the job in Saskatoon!

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